5 Best Cruiser Bikes for Women 2022

Nothing beats the feeling of freedom to explore and enjoy beautiful views of the beach, town or city while riding on a cruiser bike. Why a cruiser bike? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but the best answer is the ability of this bike to provide stability and ease of use letting you reach your destination feeling fresh and relax.

The best way to experience its benefits is to get one for yourself. Depending on your arm length and leg length, you may need a smaller bike or a larger bike.To help you find the right bike, we gathered the 5 best cruiser bikes for women in the market. If you’re ready to know what they are, then let’s begin.



Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s Cruiser Bike More Info
Hyper 26-Inch Ladies Metallic Blue Beach Cruiser More Info



1. Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s Cruiser Bike.


It’s equipped with a 7 speed twist shifter along with Cimino real driller that promotes smooth, precise and quick shifting. It features a retro style steel step through frame and fork giving it a vintage look that’s so adorable and promotes a comfortable laid back ride.

Adding to its classic design is the rear rack which provides enough room for your essentials. It has a Schwinn quality memory foam spring seat which absorbs the motion impact and softens the ride.

Adjusting the seat post for your preferred height is easy and does not require any tools. This high quality cruiser bike is perfect for a leisurely ride around town or exploring the sights within your vicinity. The swapped back handlebars are carefully designed to keep you upright eliminating back fatigue and stress.

Its front and rear linear pull breaks which are made of sturdy alloy promote better stoppage. There are front and rear fenders that protect you from unpredictable weather or splashing.

Enjoy the simple pleasure of riding anytime you want with a 71 by 26 by 40 inch while Cruise bike from Schwinn. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty which is available as long as you own this bike.

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  • Steel steep-thru cruiser frame.
  • Easy height adjustments.
  • Convenient rear rack.
  • 7-speed twist shifter.


  • A bit heavy.


2. Hyper 26-Inch Ladies Metallic Blue Beach Cruiser.


This high performing bike will take you around the town, down the hill, across the beach and anywhere you want to go. With its classy appearance a touch of retro, it makes a perfect ride for women who want to travel in style.

This bike attracts a lot of interest and inspires other ladies to get one either for leisure riding, exploring or exercising purposes. It features large upright handlebars that encourage you to sustain good posture while preventing back strains and pain.

The platform cruiser paddles are easy-to-use in control while the padded spring comfort seat provides comfort as you pedal around even on long rides. This 70s by 29 and a half by 42 inch cruiser bike is built with the objective to give the ultimate enjoyment and comfort for women who love the outdoors and exploring new places. The pedal backward coaster brake ensures quick and smooth stopping and it’s a great advantage when you’re on a busy street.

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It uses a lightweight alloy for the wheels that are known for their durability and long lasting performance promoting better safety and protection for its rider it’s a practical and perfect gift for women who are looking forward to a healthy lifestyle by being active.


  • Padded spring comfort seat.
  • Light weight alloy wheel.
  • Platform cruiser pedals.
  • Easy-to-use pedal.


  • No assembly tools.

3. Huffy 26’’ Women’s Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike.

It features the perfect fit frame which is a Huffy exclusive. The ergonomic design of the frame provides a more comfortable bike ride, letting you enjoy your road adventures whether you’re a recreational or casual rider.

It has a slightly reclined padded seat with a lower center of gravity that promotes better balance and stability. This single speed bike uses a coaster brake which you just need to paddle back to stop it from running. The raised handlebars with swept back angle and dual density grips allow upright riding position allowing the legs to be fully extended while pedaling.

When you stop, both of your feet are flat-footed on the road. Is 52 by 9 by 33 inch bike performs using premium Creighton paddles, butterscotch steel rims and a stylish cream-colored 26 inch tires to give you a smooth ride. It has fenders that keep you dry against splashes from the ground.

You’ll notice there are no visible gears or cables enhancing its classic, elegant and clean look. Ride with confidence with this carefree cruiser bike which also features a front basket, a rear storage rack, a beverage cup holder and a smartphone slot. For your convenience, it’s covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • More confidence and better ride.
  • 26-inch carefree cruiser.
  • Butterscotch steel rims.
  • Better control.


  • Fenders may come off.


4. Kent 26-Inch Women’s La Jolla Cruiser Bike.

This 67 by 24 by 45 inch women’s bicycle offers a classy, clean and simple look while the outstanding features are worth the price you pay for it. It has a low step through aluminum frame with a light finish and teal and blue plaid graphics that add to its charm, making it a very popular choice.

Aside from durability, the aluminum frame offers better maneuvering process once you handle it properly. The wide 26 inch cruiser tires ensure extra stability and balance giving you more confidence and freedom to explore further.

Keeping the wheels protected against corrosion and keeping them lighter are the premium alloy rims. This single speed gear unit has barefoot friendly pedals and foot-operated coaster brakes which are easy to use and ideal for beginners.

The large soft padded seat keeps you on an upright riding position and guarantees comfort even for longer rides. There are available seat fenders for extra protection during the unexpected changes of whether. The kickstand is a great addition along with a pretty little front cane basket that offers adequate room for your essentials.

This firm durable basket can withstand corrosion caused by harsher elements. Follow the simple instructions in the including manual to assemble your Kent bike.


  • Comfortable upright riding position.
  • Lightweight allow rims.
  • Kickstand included.
  • Soft padded seat.


  • None.


5. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike.

It features 26 inch aluminum wheels and a 15 inch steel frame which can handle up to a 300-pound rider and women five to six feet tall. The single-speed cruiser bike gives you more freedom to enjoy casual riding around town or by the beach.

The white wall balloon tires have a waffle tread that ensures solid gripping enhancing its capability to adapt to any type of surface including a paved road. The high density foam grips offer comfort during the ride preventing hand fatigue. It’s also equipped with easy-to-control coaster brakes.

It features a front and rear hand brakes for more convenience and a quick stop. The classic curved design gives this bike a charming appeal making it a great choice for women who want a stylish and high performing cruiser bike for their everyday ride or weekend exploration with family and friends.

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The absence of a complicated gear system or hanging cables lets you enjoy a hassle free ride in a consistent cruising speed of 3 to 15 miles per hour. This 69 by 27 and a half by 17 inch bike is available in different beautiful colors letting you choose the perfect match for your personality.

The oversized seat has dual springs for extra comfort during the ride. It comes 80% assembled with the firm strong lifetime warranty on the frame and a six month warranty on all components.


  • Wheel measures 26 by 2.125.
  • Smooth and stylish ride.
  • 80% assembled.
  • 15-inch bike frame.


  • Heavy.

Basics of Beach Cruiser bikes

Lots of people ride beach cruises, especially by the beach, hence the word beach cruiser, but they can be ridden anywhere.

So what are some of the basics?

Frame design

You’re going to want to look at the sloping frame, the curvature of the frame. It’s that timeless curve. A lot of people say it’s reminiscent of the 50 Schwinn and things like that.

So cruisers have a very distinguished frame style. Other bikes, a lot of times have straight bar designs called a triangle frame, a straight bars and straight down tubes or cross tubes, top tubes whereas on the cruiser, the top tunes are usually curved.

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Another basic element of a cruiser bike is the tires. You’re always going to see cruiser bikes with 2.1, two, five inch tires, or they’re about maybe 1.9 inch, but usually fat wide tires. That’s because if you’re cruising, you want fat tires, it’s going to absorb the shock. It’s going to be smooth. It’s going to be comfortable. It’s going to eat up all the bumps that you go over so you don’t feel them in your butt, especially, it’s not going to reverberate through your body.


Another basic of a cruiser bike is the handlebars. Usually on cruisers, you see those wide curving arching handlebars that come into your body. It’s just like reminiscent of that cruising position where you can lean back, one hand waved here. It’s comfortable and it’s relaxed. That’s what cruisers are all about.

Single speed

Going into the other elements of cruisers something you don’t, it’s not typical of all cruisers, but cruisers a lot of times are single-speed or you’re going to see a lot of single-speed cruisers. And that’s just because cruisers are meant for cruising. And people that generally like cruisers want simplicity. It’s one gear, and in addition, it’s going to have a coaster brake, meaning you peddle backwards to stop.

Now, I would not advocate for a coaster brake for anybody that’s going to be riding up a lot of steep Hills or down steep Hills or riding at very high speeds. But for cruisers, it’s great. That’s why a lot of cruisers are single speed and coaster brake. It’s very easy. There’s going to be no cables, no wiring, no mess. You can just kick back. It’s simple. There’s no shifting. When you want to stop just pedal backwards kickback and you stop.

So it’s really great for someone that you want to cruise five an hour, no Hills flat land cruisers are perfect. Again, coaster brake, single-speed really basic elements of a lot of cruisers.


Sometimes you’ll see fenders on cruisers. It’s not something that they have to have, do identify it as a cruiser, but it’s something you see a lot because aesthetically, it adds a little nostalgic look to cruisers.


Be confidently beautiful while enjoying your regular ride by having one of these feminine-designed cruiser bikes. All of them offer a great value for your money while encouraging you to go out more and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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