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Gary Cole
1. Artless: The Odyssey of a Republican Cultural Creative
Author: Gary Cole
ISBN: 1932010122
ISBN13: 9781932010121
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $19.95
Publisher: Ooligan Pr
Published Date: 04/01/2006
2. Unspeakable
Author: Sandra Brown - Narrator: Gary Cole
ISBN: 0553750291
ISBN13: 9780553750294
Binding: Digital
List Price: $25.0
Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio
3. Autism Heroes: Portraits of Families Meeting the Challenge
Author: Barbara Firestone - Foreword By: Catherine Lord - Foreword By: Gary Cole - Foreword By: Teddi Cole
ISBN: 1843108372
ISBN13: 9781843108375
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $34.95
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Pub
Published Date: 10/15/2007