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Thierry De Duve
1. Aesthetics and Sublimation
Author: Joan Copjec - Author: Thierry De Duve
ISBN: 0966645227
ISBN13: 9780966645224
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $8.0
Publisher: State Univ of New York at Buffalo
Published Date: 08/01/1999
2. Jeff Wall
Author: Thierry De Duve - Author: Arielle Pelenc - Author: Boris Groys
ISBN: 0714855979
ISBN13: 9780714855974
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $69.95
Publisher: Phaidon Inc Ltd
Published Date: 10/30/2009
3. Held Together With Water: Art from the Verbund Collection
Contributor: Briony Fer - Contributor: Edith Futscher - Contributor: Thierry De Duve - Contributor: Yve-Alain Bois - Contributor: Giovanni Carmine - Editor: Gabriele Schor
ISBN: 3775719539
ISBN13: 9783775719537
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $50.0
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Pub
Published Date: 11/30/2007