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Suzanne Weaver
1. Decision to Prosecute: Organization and Public Policy in the Antitrust Division
Author: Suzanne Weaver
ISBN: 0262730537
ISBN13: 9780262730532
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $27.0
Publisher: Mit Pr
Published Date: 08/11/1980
2. Come Forward: Emerging Art in Texas
Author: Suzanne Weaver - Author: Lane Relyea
ISBN: 0936227265
ISBN13: 9780936227269
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $24.95
Publisher: Texas and AM Univ Pr
Published Date: 02/01/2003
3. Phil Collins: The World Wont Listen
Author: Suzanne Weaver - Contributor: Liz Kotz - Contributor: Bruce Hainley - Contributor: Simon Reynolds
ISBN: 0300132921
ISBN13: 9780300132922
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $45.0
Publisher: Dallas Museum of Art
Published Date: 11/28/2007