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Lyle F. Albright
1. Novel Production Methods for Ethylene, Light Hydrocarbons, and Aromatics
Author: Billy L. Crynes - Author: Lyle F. Albright - Editor: Siegfried Nowak
ISBN: 0824785886
ISBN13: 9780824785888
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $299.95
Publisher: Marcel Dekker Inc
Published Date: 09/01/1991
2. Nitration: Recent Laboratory and Industrial Developments
Author: American Chemical Society Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry - Author: Calif.) American Chemical Society Meeting 1995 Anaheim - Editor: Robert J. Schmitt - Editor: Lyle F. Albright - Editor:
ISBN: 0841233934
ISBN13: 9780841233935
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $210.0
Publisher: Amer Chemical Society
Published Date: 05/05/1996