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Do you have a book in mind and want to compare prices with other bookstores?
AddALL.com is just what you need. With our extensive catalog, you can search for millions of books from over 100,000 book sellers. It takes one click to find books new and used, as well as rare and out-of-print.

Who Are We? - The Early History of AddALL

We are book lovers, of course! AddALL gives you the deals you’re looking for. Here is a brief history of our website.

Hup(Chai-Hup Tan) was a frequent buyer of books and he wanted to save money on all his purchases. That's why he launched his hobby website as a side job in 1998. He worked from a small garage in Los Angeles, California, with a creative vision.

The feedback has been positive since its launch. Strong supportive strength of his fanbase convinced Hup to continue development and added several more features, which helped promote work through word-of-mouth networking with those interested in buying online or just looking around at what others were doing too.

Hup quit his daily job as a network engineer three years later to dedicate himself solely to AddALL. Hup and the company relocated to Singapore in 2007 for personal reasons. Despite this change of pace, nothing has changed about how people use the site!

The company is: Addall.com Pte Ltd

Company address:
Blk 579 Woodlands Dr 16, #06-579,
Singapore 730579


AddALL was built by a book buyer for book buyers.

AddALL is an independent and impartial web site, not owned by any bookstore. AddALL remains objective not to favor certain bookstores in search results.


How Do I Place an Order?

AddALL is not a bookstore, does not sell any books, but we find you the best deal where you can buy them.

You can use our main search engine. Type the ISBN, author, and/or title of the book. AddALL finds you the results of many stores with that particular book or searches. You can choose which store you want to purchase. Just click “buy it” to be directed to the store, complete your order there.

We value protecting our users’ privacy and not keeping track of your personally identifiable and ordering information. Therefore, we cannot help you to check the status of your order. Please contact the bookstore directly if you have any questions!

How does AddALL make money?

This website is our way of helping people to read more, pay less, and live life to its fullest. There is a financial incentive for ourselves also, of course. When you buy a book through our referral, we may (or may not) get a commission at no extra cost to you.

Our operation site mainly relies on this commission. Unlike other sites that aggressively sell banner ads to advertisers, we only serve banner at the bottom of some search result pages, the least disturbing corner.

So if you like this free service and don't want to see us go belly up, please visit us often and always buy books through our comparison shopping search!

How Could I Add My Bookstore to AddALL?

Your site is GREAT! Can I link to you from my web site?

Sure! Please get the ready-to-use, cut-and-paste html code here

If the bookstores price match their competitors?

Maybe, you can use CheckPriceMatch.com to check the bookstore price match policy.