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D.D. Sharma
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Books in my Basket /Abebooks
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ISBN10: 818324078X, ISBN13: 9788183240789, [publisher: Mittal Publications, New Delhi] Xxii + 306pp The Book Is An Outcome Of More Than 20 Years Of Compilation, Analysis And Study Of Related Scriptural And Historical Literature On The Subject Of Indian Anthroponomy. In A Way It Is A Unique Contribution To Anthroponomics In General And The Indian Anthroponomy In Particular. Moreover, It Is For The First Time That The Subject Has Been Dealt With From Various Linguistic, Socio-Cultural And Historical Viewpoints, Rights From The Vedic Period To The Modern Age. There The Exhaustive Analysis Of The Bases And Patterns Of Indian Names Presents A Panoramic View Of Changing Psyche Of The Masses Belonging To Different Castes, Communities And Regions In Different Epochs Of Indian History. As Such This Volume Undoubtedly Provides A Rare Scope To Readers Interested In Having Intimate Knowledge Of History, Patterns And Socio-Cultural Considerations And Emerging New Trends With Regard To The Selection Of Personal Names. Besides, This Volume Also Provides A Ready List Of The Latest Trends And Fancies Of The Selection And Coinage Of Names For Their Dear Offspring And Gives A Glimpse Of The Conceptual Unity Observable Among Various Heterogeneous Linguistic Groups In This Context.
[New Delhi, India] [Publication Year: 2005]
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D.D. Sharma
Vedams eBooks (P) Ltd /Abebooks
ISBN10: 818324078X, ISBN13: 9788183240789, [publisher: Mittal] Hardcover Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Aryan way of giving personal names and naming ceremonies. 2. Bases and patterns of personal names -- historical perspective. 3. Selection of a name. 4. Kinds and categories of personal names. 5. Structural and componential analysis of Hindu personal names. 6. Modern trends -- selection of names and naming patterns. 7. Regional diversities of personal names. 8. Zonal aspects of personal names. 9. Regional diversities of Southern Zones. 10. General observations. Appendices. Referential bibliography. Index. "The book is an outcome of more than 20 years of compilation, analysis and study of related scriptural and historical literature on the subject of Indian anthroponomy. In a way it is a unique contribution to anthroponomics in general and the Indian anthroponomy in particular. Moreover, it is for the first time that the subject has been dealt with from various linguistic, socio-cultural and historical viewpoints, right from the Vedic period to the modern age. There the exhaustive analysis of the bases and patterns of Indian names presents a panoramic view of changing psyche of the masses belonging to different castes, communities and regions in different epochs of Indian history. As such this volume undoubtedly provides a rare scope to readers interested in having intimate knowledge of history, patterns and socio-cultural considerations and emerging new tre ...

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