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   Step 2: How to use the proper refinements?

The used book search offers many refinements. Please take a minute to look them over.

  1. You can specify the currency for your price comparison table.

  2. You can include title, author, keyword and ISBN # in your search criteria. It is often more helpful to start with one criterion, or two, and refine your results once you get them.

  3. You can specify how you want your results arranged. You also have the opportunity to change that arrangement once you receive your results.

  4. You can specify First Edition or Signed, though, due to the way data is entered at used book sites, it is often more helpful to order your results by price in descending order.

  5. You can choose the price range you wish to see.

  6. You can choose the time your search will take in Response Time.

  7. You can choose and exclude the stores to be searched by checking the box next to the store you want to search.

  8. You can choose to suppress the saying at the top of the search by checking "no quote".

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