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      Following is a list of information or resources online that we at AddALL have found quite useful. Please use it at your discretion. AddALL is not responsible for any loss or damage resulted directly or indirectly from using this list of information.

* Want List

      If you cannot find a book that you want, try the individual Wish / Want list at some of our affiliated sites:

Create a "want" at ABE

Alibris wishlist

Bibliology "my wants" list (UK)


* If you are buying a large quantity of a certain book, try these:

eCampus bulk orders * Accepts purchase orders

* If you have books to sell, try these sources:


Amazon: Has several offers for publishers, authors, and booksellers.

Elephant Books

Ecampus buy back used books

Half.com Sell Books: You can even sell multiple books by using this URL: http://half.ebay.com/account/list/multiList.jsp

Buying Books Internationally

      When buying books from other countries or a region that you are not familiar with, you may find these tools helpful:

1. Translate words, sentences even a whole web page from and to Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish using Alta Vista's translation tool Babelfish. (Not all languages pairs are available.)

Type or Paste text or Web address
(beginning with http://) here:

Translate from:
Powered by Systran

2. Calculate shipping fees

3. Tracking shipments:

4. Figure out what time it is over there using the Time zone converter

5. Find the country code and local area code using AT&T

6. Convert currencies using The Universal Currency Converter

Your Input Is Welcomed

      If you have a tip or two to share with fellow AddALL users, please e-mail us at support@addall.com. Thank you!

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