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Looking for a book? Want a deal? No problem AddALL!

Who are you and why are you doing this?
We are a bunch of book lovers who believe in equal opportunity and the power of knowledge, and want to make a difference in people's lives. This web site if our way of helping people to read more, pay less, and live life to its fullest. There is financial incentive for ourselves also, of course. Every time you buy a book through our referral, we get a commission. Our operation site relies on this commission only, unlike other sites who sell banner ads to advertisers. So if you like this free service to you and don't want to see us go belly up, please visit us often and always buy books through our comparison shopping search! This web site operates under several aliases, including,, and, providing basically the same book search and comparison shopping service. We also have a music comparison shopping site

How do I use your service? How can I place an order?
First, at our search page you can use either author or book title to search for a book. You may get more selections you want, and you have to sift through them to find the copy that's what you're looking for. If you have the ISBN number, you'll get an exact match. Next, after you choose the book, click on the title, or the words "click here to compare the book price" which will take you to the price comparison table. Choose the store you want to purchase from and click on "buy it" (or the title if you are using the used search engine) and place your order. You will complete the transaction there. Next, print out your receipt/order confirmation, so that you can contact that store in case problems rise later, such as the order is late/wrong/lost, etc. As a book search site, we do not sell books at our site, and do not have/retain any information about the transactions or customers, and won't be able to help you to track/place orders later.

I ordered a book but haven't received it yet. Can you help me to check the status?
We are a book search engine and we scout dozens of reputable online bookstores for price/availability/shipping information so that you can make an informed decision as to where to buy the books from. We do not sell books at our site. We do not have/retain any information about the transactions or customer, because no transactions ever happen at our web site. Therefore, we cannot help you to check the status of your order.

When you ordered the book, you should have received a confirmation, usually by e-mail. Please make sure you print or hand write the confirmation information/number, etc. for your record. You should keep the information till your order arrives. When problems rise you should contact the store where you bought the book from directly. You can check the store list at You should go to the bookstore that you ordered the books from and track your order, or write to their customer service and complain. Sometimes a phone call works better. If your complaint is continuously ignored by the vendor, please let us know. We are on constant watch for quality service from our affiliates and could use your help to weed out the less qualified ones.

I found several books with the same title in the search result. How can I tell which is the correct edition?
You should be able to tell the correct edition if you use the ISBN number (the 10-digit number you'll find on the back cover usually of a book).

I'd like to buy a book but am not sure what the return policy is.
The return policy depends on individual book sites. we're an aggregate book search engine and cannot speak on behalf of all of them. Please check the individual site's policy carefully before you place an order.

I recently acquired some antique books. Can I sell them through your site? Can someone help me to tell the value of these books?
Thanks for your confidence in us, but we do not sell books directly. As a book search engine, we only refer customers to sites that have the books and deals they want. But you can approach our affiliates and ask about their interest. Many of them will be interested in buying books back. The list is available at

I need some books within a week or so and I was wondering what the difference is between "order processing time" and "shipping time" ?
Order processing time" is the time a bookstore needs to process the order and ship it out. Shipping time is the time the book travels from the store to you. If you cannot afford to receive your books late (for school assignments, for example), we recommend that you get them from a more established sites, such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. These sites are more punctuate than sites that are overseas, for example.

I am confused about the types of books. What is the difference between paperback, trade paper, and mass market?
Paper back is just a paper back, as opposed to hardcover/librarian editions which have hard covers, and are printed on better paper stocks but are considerably more expensive. A mass market is a smaller paperback, the size you often find at the grocery store. A trade paperback is usually taller, wider, and printed on nicer paper than a mass market.

I'm looking for a particular book. Can you help me to find it?
We'd love to assist our users on an individual basis, but we do not have the capacity. Please use our search engine to look for the books. In addition, we use our search engine to find books for ourselves, too. So if our search engine can't find them, we can't either!

Your comparison table says the book I want is available for $90. When I went to the bookstore to buy it, the store says it's more than $130. How can you show one price but charge another? Why the difference?
This is a common misunderstanding. Most likely the stores you're referring to are, or Indigo. Both are based in Canada. We quote the $90 in U.S. dollars. They quote the $130 in Canadian dollars. Both currencies are denoted by the "$" sign. The difference is due to the currency exchange ratio, at 1 CAN dollar=0.68 US dollar approximately.

Your site shows a coupon code which will give me $5 off. When I went to the site however, I didn't get the discount. Why?
First of all, some coupons are for first time buyer only. If you purchased something from that site before, you won't qualify. Second, you must enter the coupon code prior to check-out. Otherwise, you don't get the discount either.

I am buying several books at the same time. Can your search engine find the best deal for all of the books, instead of individual ones, so I pay less for all the books?
We'd love to but we cannot yet.



More general FAQs can be viewed at FAQ.
This section is still under construction. We will continuously add frequently asked questions that may provide some reference to our users. Please come back and check with us often. Your feed back is always welcome at

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